A Journey to Coaching and Healing from the NDE Perspective

After integrating and working with the aftereffects of an NDE, I use a method of coaching and healing that allows me to help clients modify the concept of their self toward positive and loving intentions. We are connected to a unified universe of potentiality, so I help explore a sense of Being, finding new doorways to inner peace and joy through exploring expanded awareness of client’s potentials.

After briefly sharing my journey of coming to terms with my transformative experiences and working with my aftereffects, I’ll speak about my practice. Where I work with a variety of individuals that are trying to connect their transformative experiences to their physical and spiritual self. I’ll describe how to listen very closely as a counselor to help them explore their pure essence and the desire for expansion of physical and spiritual understanding. I use practices that expand the comfort zone to include love and creativity, which are foundations for connection to our true nature.

There is need to slowly develop a new worldview after an experience, I’ll demonstrate the model I use in coaching to actualize and generate new ways of being.  This model helps to rise above the circumstances of the moment and become the observer with a clear path or choice forward. I’ll describe acting as a thinking partner that sees everyone as whole and connected to his or her True Nature. Many times we get stuck in the circumstances and lose track of our self-empowerment and state of being. Clients strengthen their capacity to resource their own authentic being so they may live an unrestrained, unconditional, and unfiltered expression of their true self.