Bridging Heaven and Earth

Sandy has had several spiritually transformative experiences, the first of which was a near-death or near-death-like experience following a fervent prayer asking God to please take her home.

“I was taken out of my physical body and taken to the Light in the presence of God. There are no words to convey how intense that experience was. I didn’t realize that I was out of my physical body until I returned to my body. It was then that I understood that we have a spiritual body which lives on without the physical body.”

Fifteen years later, while she was reading Plato:The Last Days of Socrates, Sandy suddenly received a spiritual awakening.  She received insights about God, creation and our world from an otherworldly dimension.

“As I read near the end of the book, my mind suddenly opened up into a vision/memory of a heightened consciousness into a new dimension. I received revelation of Socrates’ continued concept which wasn’t completed in the book. At the time of his death, he had already proven our pre-existence, but was also trying to prove that we would return to that same state in the afterlife.  I knew that if people understood this missing information, they could rise above the human barriers which confine spiritual growth and they could understand why people exist on Earth. This was also the first time that I had an awakening and restored some pre-birth memories. I felt as someone recovering from amnesia! I remembered that I lived in that dimension prior to my Earth life and that I volunteered to come to Earth with a mission.”

In addition to her prebirth memories, she also connected with memories of several other people, such as Roy Mills, who remember each other in the realm of light.  This gives confirmation to our pre-existence and the continuation of consciousness.

As she learned to embrace each spiritual experience, she began to receive spiritual enlightenment about God, Creation and religion.  Sandy saw creation take place from a mystical perspective from within a consciousness before there was form and shape. She was an observer of this consciousness and perceived a conversation of a conscious mind about what it wanted to do before doing it.

Sandy felt strongly motivated to share this information because this Divine gift could help our world to live more peacefully. If people are willing to expand their thinking, our world could be transformed with a heightened understanding about our life purpose and ultimately put an end to war. 

After her experiences, she remained of the same religious practice, but with a new perspective of openness to multi-faiths.  She has a universal view of all religions and sees the oneness of all creation that she didn’t see before.”