Medical Intuition: Is it real and does it work?

Modern fascination with medical intuition, the ability to make a diagnosis without history, physical examination or laboratory studies, can be traced back to Edgar Cayce, “the Sleeping Prophet of Virginia Beach.” The case reports from Cayce are compelling as he did over 8,000 readings about physical ailments before his death in 1945, many of which have confirmation of accuracy. However, despite an abundance of encouraging anecdotes that continue to accumulate to the present day from a growing number of medical intuitives, the scant scientific research to date is inconclusive.

There have been only four studies in the medical literature in the past 25 years which have attempted to investigate this mysterious phenomenon. The first two looked at the general ability of intuitives to make a diagnosis for a variety of medical conditions. One was a qualitative study that had some promising positive results, and the second was a quantitative study that showed a disappointing maximum 14% accuracy. The other two studies looked at specific medical conditions compared to conventional tests. One investigating the ability to determine fertility status showed negative results, and the second looking at low back pain and sciatica demonstrated 54% correlation with MRI scan findings.

In this presentation, clinical case reports based on work with numerous medical intuitives will be reviewed along with the available scientific literature.