Dreaming the Future – Signals from Beyond Space and Time

Being open to recalling dreams has many advantages.   Dreams can provide insight into personal situations and be a vital source of creative ideas. Some dreams seem to come from “out of the blue” as signals from the future bringing unexpected and surprising information. Precognitive dreams can be sought through experimental methods for learning and to improve precognitive dream proficiency. This presentation reviews some of the ways precognitive dreaming can be experienced.

A variety of spontaneous and experimental precognitive dreams illustrate their scope. Examples from research case studies and from the presenter’s long-term dream journaling records include state-of-health alerts, the Space Shuttle disaster and the secret location of an abducted Army General. Awake State and Dream State Psi (DSP) precognitive dreams resulting from a recent project using future news photographs and from a random selection method are summarized.

Precognition and precognitive dreaming provide insight into fundamental aspects of space, time and consciousness. They may reveal an approaching situation for being better prepared when it occurs or for taking avoidance action. These perceived futures may be fixed fates or only probable, and suggest the existence of a retrocausation principle in the universe. The source of the information and effects of accessing the future on consciousness and spiritual awareness are considered.