Gifts of Meditation in Filmmakers Life!


Have you noticed references of ‘Life Force Energy’ in Hollywood blockbuster movies like ‘Avatar’, ‘Star Wars’, and many more? Do you feel that these award-winning filmmakers and actors have a deep understanding of spirituality? Most of them have gone through a troubled/challenging life before coming to the lime light. Are they Kundalini active? Consciously or unconsciously?


During this speech, I will provide real events in my life as I transitioned from a nine to five computer job to a filmmaker. How Kundalini re-shaped my life choices, and how my personality was influenced to find the real meaning and to live it literally.

i. Born in India, while growing up I always had passion in arts and filmmaking. However, was conditioned by surroundings/family to suppress the passion and do what others want you to do.

ii. Graduated as Computer Engineer in 1993 and started working day job 9 to 5. Not enjoying day job, kept the passion of arts at back of the mind.

iii. Moved to Australia and Singapore for further studies and to work in computer industry. Started following passion of acting/singing in part time. Moved to USA in 1999 for computer job and started acting/filmmaking in part time and on weekends.

iv. Formed film company in 2006 with like-minded partners and started making films. Put focus and attention to make films and to get fame, money and awards. Developed a sense of Ego.

v. Suffered with multiple setbacks as was pushing through the ego self and had to shelve plans to make bigger film projects. Dark night of the soul period during 2007 through 2009. Started meditating in 2007.


i. As I started practicing deep meditation and breathing techniques more and more, mysterious events and synchronicities started to occur. Started searching for clues on questions like – ‘Who am I’ and ‘What is my purpose’.

ii. Kundalini activation experiences started to occur in 2009. Began researching more on Kundalini and higher Consciousness.

iii. While meditating one day, a message appeared – need to make a documentary film on Kundalini.

iv. Produced and Directed Kundalini documentary in 2010. It was released on DVD and in film festivals across the world.

v. A new life journey with inner fulfillment and with service began that involved giving lectures, workshops on Kundalini.


i. As my work on Kundalini guidance continued, a sense of meaning in life came. A more authentic connection with SELF.

ii. In 2015, an opportunity manifested to produce/direct a big commercial film that I was trying to make for years. By this time, I was ready to take that adventure. My body-mindsoul was ready to make that film. Resigned from my nine-to-five computer job and completely focused into film-making.

iii. Film was well received and won many awards in 2016. This time the satisfaction was not due to ego self but a sense of humble achievement. .

iv. Available to mainstream masses.


The real gift from Kundalini, is the realization that my own life is itself a movie. I am the central character in my own movie. The real question is – Am I playing the Hero’s character truthfully and honestly as it has been written for?