New Science of Conscousness

Presentation shows how several concepts proven by Quantum Electro-dynamics (QED) and Non-locality, have falsified the foundational principles of Materialism and show the Materialist perspective to be junk science, as it has been for 80 years since the Quantum revolution.
Simply put, QED requires consciousness (an observer) to exist outside of the observed reality. In- other-words, the same science which gives us the transistor, digital electronics and our modern world, and which therefore MUST BE TRUE, also requires consciousness to exist outside of the physical reality (literally Out-of-body).

Further, Today’s astronomers tell us that 96% of the energy in the universe has not yet been discerned. That 96% must then exist outside of the Newtonian box of 3-D plus time. So, there is plenty of room in that 96% that is entirely unknown for Consciousness Survival, other dimensions, other levels of existence, etc. etc. etc. …..Duh ! ….. it is simply time for shallow thinking materialists to either wise up and realize their Materialism is a religion (based on their unwavering faith in a religious creation story called “the Big Bang”, in which “God” is replaced by “Mother Nature”) or be left on the wrong side of history.

Dr. Hugenot will also describe his current experiences as a research medium for experiments at the Consciousness Research Lab at IONS ( and the Laboratory for Advancement in Consciousness and Health (LACH) University of Arizona.