Post-Conference: Precognitive Dreaming Workshop with Dale Graff

What is precognitive dreaming? How can we routinely experience them? How can precognitive dreaming be evaluated and understood relative to other forms of psi, such as remote viewing, synchronicity, and some types of intuition?   Our natural precognitive dreaming potential may occur spontaneously or can be sought through focused intent and practice. This workshop is an opportunity for learning how to uncover our latent precognitive dreaming talents and discover how best to use the information they can provide.   Topics include: 

  • How to distinguish precognitive dreams from ordinary dreams.
  • Exercises that assist in dream recall and precognitive dream intention setting are practiced.
  • Suggestions for recording and evaluating precognitive dreams.
  • Methods and strategies for experiencing precognitive dreams for ourselves and for others.
  • Guidelines for when to act or respond to information in precognitive dreams and when not to respond.
  • How to experience lucidity in a precognitive dream.
  • Suggestions for practicing recording and evaluating precognitive dreams.
  • Considering precognitive dreaming’s link with intuition and synchronicity.
  • Reviewing possible concepts, including retrocausation and a speculative quantum physics theory for how psi and precognition can occur.
  • Opportunities for discussing precognitive dreams of attendees.

ssing precognitive dreams of attendees.

A variety of potential psi or precognitive dream applications are reviewed that include early warning of emerging wellness issues or significant situations that can be avoided. Some precognitive dreams can provide information to be better prepared or to improve our efficiency for either personal or professional needs.   A precognitive dream exercise for a hidden target picture will be available during the conference nights prior to the Sunday workshop.

  • Our Precognition potential is ever ready; only a dream away.