Pre-Conference Workshop with Lee Lawrence

The human soul, like the human physical body has many systems and organs that interact with each other and their external environment. However, unlike the physical body that has been examined, dissected, tested and observed for thousands of years resulting in agreement of its anatomy & physiology no matter the religious beliefs one maintains; the human soul has remained intangible and not available for the same scientific tests and observations. Thus people have developed theories and philosophies as to the anatomy & physiology of the human soul. These theories and philosophies of the soul are the religions of today, speculating on this intangible existence of the human soul and its operational functions.

It’s now time to move to the next level of understanding.

The human soul is a physical object to Lee Lawrence’s perceptions. For over 25 years he has examined and tested the various components of the human soul of thousands of individuals and how these components interact with each other and their external environment. In this presentation, Lee will reveal to the public much information previously unavailable even to the mystics of the many religions relating to the anatomy & physiology of the human soul.

Lee perceives the details of human consciousness as physical. This includes consciousness flow patterns, stored memories of experiences of the individual since conception, past traumas, personality development, thought processing functions including memory storage and retrieval, perceptual programming events……….. He reads the human soul much the way x-rays read the patterns and traumas incurred by the bones.

He will explain and demonstrate the anatomy & physiology of the human soul from a scientific perspective which bridges the gap between science and spirituality/religion.  He explains that spirituality/religion is both logical and scientific and will then demonstrate this with profound examples that leave no doubts, even for the hardened skeptic.  His explanations on how memories and the accompanying emotions are stored, processed and retrieved are revolutionary, yet profoundly simple to understand.  The goal of this presentation is not to sell anyone on a particular spiritual path, but to provide understanding and tools for each individual to use on their own path.