Science of the Soul

Lee Lawrence is known as “The Man Who Reads Souls.” His ability to read the stored memories in people’s soul fields – a skill he has explored for twenty five years ever since his near-death experience – has revealed a wealth of information and insight into the anatomy and physiology of the human psyche. Lee demonstrates the reality of the energetic soul field with public demonstrations during his talk… come and see for yourself the evidence of this non-intrusive, replicable process.

Whether you are an M.D., neuroscientist, member of the clergy, spiritual seeker or devout skeptic; these will be the most profound, life-changing workshops you will ever attend.

What Lee presents, and demonstrates, with the help of random volunteers, are “universal truths” applicable to all spiritual paths and professions dealing with healing, whether from a physical or psychological perspective.

Combining his intuitive gifts and knowledge from studying religion, psychology and neuroscience, Lee will guide you to an incredible awareness of your soul and its dynamic connection to your body.   Understanding what Lee teaches will lead to a profound paradigm shift in the unification of scientific, psychological and religious theory. His understanding of the interaction between the human soul or spirit and the physical body opens new doors for the future of both psychological and physical medical diagnosis and treatment.

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