Scry Me a River: Crystal Gazing & the Psychomanteum

Mirror, Mirror on the wall….” “Scrying” is the divinatory art of gazing into a reflective surface with intention in order to obtain specific answers or information.

Surfaces used for scrying include pools of water, mirrors, crystal balls and shiny ceramic tiles, and the resulting information is typically of a psychic (clairvoyant or precognitive) nature. In contrast, the Psychomanteum is a specially-designed chamber where people go to consult with the deceased. By gazing through a reflective surface, spirit communication may arrive in any of several ways, including visions, sounds, apparitions, or sensations. Subjects have even felt themselves pass into and through the mirror into the Other Side, in the manner of Alice’s Adventures!

While spirit interaction through scrying has been practiced by many cultures throughout history, this presentation focuses heavily on research by Dr. Raymond Moody. It includes a private showing of Dr. Moody’s documentary, “Through the Tunnel”, in which Dr. Moody reports that close to 70% of his subjects entering the psychomanteum did in fact receive desired spirit communication that hastened and remediated their grieving.