The Mystic’s Journey to Enlightenment

A Mystic is one who has achieved spiritual maturity and union with the Divine. Some mystics gave instructions to their seekers on they too could reach this high level of spiritual growth. Evagrius Ponticus, a third century Christian Mystic from the Deserts of Egypt, Teresa of Avila, a beloved 16th Century Spanish Nun, Krishnamurti, a 20th century mystic who started out on the path of the Hindu Brahman Class, was adopted by the Theosophical Society and then turned from both and Edgar Cayce, the father of Holistic Medicine and the Sleeping Prophet have all provided the modern seeker with a road map for the journey to enlightenment. When you compare and contrast their directions, you gain a powerful, non-denominational approach to spiritual maturity and, ultimately, oneness with the Divine.

Evagrius is known as the Father of the Seven Deadly Sins, but what he really taught were the Eight Thoughts that keep us from achieving our spiritual goals and how to combat them! Teresa defied the inquisition and pioneered her own feminine journey toward enlightenment using the analogy of the Seven Crystal Mansions of the Soul. Teresa’s journey is inspirational and her analogies help the seeker bring the sometimes otherworldly advise of the mystics down to earth. Krishnamurti brought together multiple traditions that, while recommending that the seeker needs to find his own path, offers direction and wisdom for today’s spiritual seeker. And finally, Edgar Cayce brought insight into the journey from the Akashic Records in a way that dovetails nicely with the other three mystics. Join Cindy as she introduces you to each mystic and offers you the combined roadmap to spiritual maturity!


You Will Learn:

  • What traits are holding you back from achieving your spiritual goals
  • What qualities to embrace to put your evolution on the face track
  • What meditations are most effective for spiritual growth
  • What specific steps each of the mystics taught for achieving enlightenment.