Touching Heaven: Accessing Expanded States of Consciousness Easily & Naturally

It often takes an NDE, trauma, or years of spiritual seeking to access blissful, expanded states of consciousness that are actually available to us at all times. Ann Albers – a former avionics engineer turned angel communicator/modern mystic guides you to easily & naturally access angels and expanded realities, any time you wish.

She shares her journey into awareness, how the angels have taught her to navigate & enjoy life as a creative adventure, and gives you a practical understanding of what is meant by “All is One.”

Through simple, yet powerful exercises, Ann will help you:

•  Connect with your angels

•  Easily access states of deep Presence

… Without having to meditate

•  Surrender into expanded states of consciousness

… To experience joy and feelings of connection to Source

She’ll end with a “gaze” – a demonstration of surrendering to the greater consciousness that sources us all. When people look into her eyes while she is in this state of silent presence, many experience profound love, peace, and expanded states of consciousness. People have reported seeing auras and angels for the first time and many who have gazed with her report spontaneous healings and positive life transformation.

We are not trying to expand our consciousness. We are trying to surrender into the expanded consciousness that we already are.” – Ann Albers