Validating the Collaborating Spirits Hypothesis: Convincing Evidence from Converging Experiments

The most compelling evidence for life after death and the existence of a greater reality comes from laboratory experiments (as well as real-life observations including mediumship and after death communications) that collectively demonstrate the voluntary and intentional collaboration of “deceased” people / “formerly physical” persons / “spirits.”   Validating the Collaborating Spirits Hypothesis is especially important for ongoing SoulPhone research since we explicitly hypothesize that a team of collaborating spirits – called the “A” Team – are playing a critical role in the design and testing of the spirit communication technology.

In this integrative presentation I review five types of converging evidence which together provide compelling support not only for the Collaborating Spirits Hypothesis, but the presence of specific hypothesized spirits who are actively participating in this research. I present convincing evidence from the following converging collaborative experiments: (1) the collaborative “stepping forward” experiments, (2) the collaborative “visit and sit for drawing” experiments, (3) the collaborative “yes-no” technology experiments, and (4) the collaborative “synchronized speech” technology experiments. When these four types of laboratory evidence are combined with (5) the evidence from thirteen separate evidential mediums confirming the identities of member of the A Team, the totality of the findings establish that the A Team includes distinguished scientists (e.g. Albert Einstein, David Bohm), inventors (e.g. Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison), lay persons (e.g. Susy Smith, Marcia Eklund), and entertainers (e.g. Harry Houdini, Michael Jackson).

However, the A and B Teams (in spirit and in the physical) jointly endorse the following important conclusion: “It’s not about the Teams, it’s about the Technology.”