Bob Trowbridge

Bob Trowbridge

Consciousness: The Fluidity of Being, Dreaming & Waking


Bob Trowbridge, M.Div. has been a professional dreamworker for over 35 years. He has done a number of workshops for the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) and was the editor of the Dream Network Bulletin. He was a guest on numerous radio programs in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as a regular guest on A.M. San Francisco, a popular morning TV show. His book, The Hidden Meaning of Illness: Disease as a Symbol & Metaphor has two chapters on dreamwork tools.

Bob Trowbridge leads a workshop to help you to learn more about the healing and transformative potential that is hidden in our dreams. Dreams can help us discover and overcome our blocks and fears. Dealing with our dark shadows can be healing and transformative. But what about our other shadows, our golden shadows?

Just as we repress and deny unpleasant aspects of the self, so do we repress and deny visions of the True Self. We will look at our dreams (and waking life) for these Golden Shadows. Through visualizations and writing exercises you will be encouraged to throw off false limitations and embrace and embody a higher vision/version of the self.


One of the deep questions of philosophy is, “Who am I?” For many, that question is a lifelong search. Our thoughts, words, and experiences give us some feedback about our identity. Still, the deeper answer to that question eludes us.

In this workshop we will talk about two broad areas of feedback to be found in our dreams and waking life experiences. Our dreams are a rich source for a legion of identities, personalities, and characters. These represent an incredibly diverse reservoir of qualities, characteristics, and abilities that exist within us and, I would argue, are accessible to us.

The second area will focus on one aspect of dreaming and waking, what I call Light or Golden shadows. The Jungian archetype of the shadow is well known throughout the dream community and numerous books have been written on that one archetype. While work on this aspect of the shadow can yield helpful and even life-changing feedback, it can be quite limited and one-sided.

In the same way that we deny and suppress our dark shadows, we also deny and suppress our golden shadows. It is obvious why we would want to disavow those dark places within us. But why would we want to deny those glorious and sublime images seen in our dreams and also as projections in our waking life?

We will discuss that question and I will challenge you to get in touch with your own golden shadows and see if you have the courage to embrace them as something deeply true about your greater being and potential.

Consciousness: The Fluidity of Being, Dreaming & Waking

Consciousness is an extremely diverse and sometimes controversial topic. Some scientists see consciousness as an epiphenomenon of the brain. In other words, we were formerly unconscious and something happened, perhaps some guy hit his head, and suddenly we were self-conscious or self-aware. Within the topic of consciousness there are different states of consciousness. When we […]