Brian Foster

Brian Foster

The Levels of Heaven


I found Spiritism through the NDE of my wife. My search for how anyone could foretell precise events more 20 years in the future, led me to discover the truth of Spiritism. That we are all part of an overall process and that major segments of our life are planned out in advance to help us learn the lessons that we signed up in hope that we would improve in this life and be ready for the next life.

I have found that we are guided in our lives by the Spirit world and that they are always ready to assist us.

We are immortal souls who travel through multiple reincarnations so we may one day become perfect spirits.

Reincarnation is the process whereby each of us travel through multiple lives to learn to become pure spirits.

Understanding the spirit world help us survive and thrive in our daily lives and allows us to surmount our troubles and bring them into perspective.

Brian Foster is the author of six books, each exploring different aspects of Spiritism, and two books examining near death and other experiences in light of what Spiritism reveals to us about the spirit world and what the spirit realm is trying to teach us.

His latest book is a study of twelve near death and other experiences – The Spirit World Talks to Us.


The Levels of Heaven

In The Levels of Heaven, different spheres are reviewed and how one ascends from one level to the next; how cities in heaven are organized; how we never stop learning; how we shall find our family members; and how your mind is the most powerful tool you possess – that thought is action in heaven.

The Levels of Heaven

Heaven isn’t the Elysian Fields where your soul travels to after death and remains there forever … spending eternity in idleness. Heaven is organized, has a purpose, and a structure. Glimpses of heaven has been revealed to us in the writings of Allan Kardec in the 1850s, Yvonne Pereira, Rev. G. Vale Owen, and Francisco […]