Alan Hugenot

Alan Hugenot

The Weighing of the Heart AND New Science of Consciousness Survival



Dr. Alan Hugenot is a semi-retired, Naval Architect & Marine Engineer. After surviving a neardeath experience in 1970 during a 12-hour coma, he has made a 47 year, scientific study of consciousness survival and evidential mediumship. The NDE opened his consciousness to intuitive communications, leading to mediumship abilities. Alan completed studies with the Morris Pratt Institute (New York) and Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science (Stansted, Essex, UK). He now serves as research medium with the Consciousness Research Lab at IONS ( with Dr. Dean Radin, Ph.D and Dr. Arnaud Delorme, Ph.D. He also serves as a research medium with Dr. Gary Scwartz (University of Arizona). He is on the Board of Directors for both the International Association for Near Death Studies ( and the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies ( He speaks several times each month at various conferences on death, consciousness survival and mediumship science in North America at local IONS and IANDS groups and at Unity and Spiritualist churches. He also holds workshops on evidential mediumship.


The Weighing of the Heart:  Explanation of how NDE verifies the ancient Egyptian Myth of the Weighing of the Heart, and explores how this mythic legend still exists in Christianity, but how Reincarnation and the NDE were methodically removed from the Faith, yet remains in most world religions.

New Science of Consciousness Survival:  Explanation of how our best science (Quantum Electro Dynamics) agrees with a Conscious Universe and Consciousness Survival in an Afterlife, and how Materialism is junk science and has been for over 80 years.


Weighing of the Heart

The “Weighing of the Heart” presentation explains how the ancient Egyptian religion’s concept of weighing of the heart matches the life review, which has now been verified by our best NDE science. He also explains from the scriptures that Saint Paul talks about his personal near death experience on the road to Damascus (in 2 […]


New Science of Conscousness

Presentation shows how several concepts proven by Quantum Electro-dynamics (QED) and Non-locality, have falsified the foundational principles of Materialism and show the Materialist perspective to be junk science, as it has been for 80 years since the Quantum revolution. Simply put, QED requires consciousness (an observer) to exist outside of the observed reality. In- other-words, […]