Roy Mills

Roy Mills

Bridging Heaven and Earth


Roy Mills is the Author of “The Souls Remembrance, Earth is not our home”. A moving and inspiring personal account of one man’s extraordinary memories of the pre-birth existence–the life in Heaven before physical birth.

The Soul’s Remembrance  relates moments during Roy Mill’s heavenly and earthly life that taught him the true worth of souls. He knows the power of God to redeem us. He is familiar with the reality of heavenly messengers sent to reassure and assist us in our life’s journey. He encourages us toward patience and graciousness through life’s difficulties and answers some of the most profound questions of our time: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here?  and—Where am I going? The answer to the latter is that we’re going back home—to our true home—a place Roy Mills remembers well. 

Learn of extraordinary angels, magnificent buildings, and the beautiful light, sights and sounds of the pre-birth realm—and most of all, the loving care with which each of us were prepared before coming to our mortal lives on this earth. A moving and inspiring personal account of one man’s extraordinary memories of the pre-birth existence—the life in Heaven before physical birth in this world.

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This will be a joint presentation with authors Sandy Briggs and Roy Mills. Together, their testimonies give a rare but unique evidence of the survival of consciousness before and after life on earth.

Roy was born on earth with the remembrance of heaven while Sandy discovered her prebirth memories about her pre-existence in heaven near the age of forty. Amazingly, they discovered that they have remembrances of each other and others. Roy and Sandy will give the audience a taste of heaven and the process that we go through to come to earth. Their shared memories of heaven gives empirical evidence of God, the on-going connection of missions between heaven and earth, and the continuance of life in the hereafter.

Bridging Heaven and Earth

Sandy has had several spiritually transformative experiences, the first of which was a near-death or near-death-like experience following a fervent prayer asking God to please take her home. “I was taken out of my physical body and taken to the Light in the presence of God. There are no words to convey how intense that […]