Rev. Tom Leach

Rev. Tom Leach

Remember To Love...


Rev. Tom Leach has been on a spiritual path for most of his life. Raised Roman Catholic, he was an altar boy when he was young, fully expecting to become a priest. Although the Roman Catholic Church provided foundational principles, he continued to have questions that were not being answered. Somehow, he knew there was more. For more than two decades, Tom has been studying different religious paths from around the world… From ancient cultures to modern-day contemporaries. He looks for the truth within each path, especially where everyone and everything is honored.. While he has been doing spiritual counseling much of his life, including serving as a Chaplin for his fire department, Rev. Tom became a Oneness Blessing Giver and was ordained under the Order of Melchizedek.

With his spiritual grounding and the “unity” philosophy that he carries, Rev. Tom truly walks the path of a “Peaceful Warrior.” He fits in anywhere, in any crowd, and with the many hats he has worn—entrepreneur, comedian, trainer and customer service leader, administrator, firefighter/EMT/Chaplain, and professional photographer, to name a few—his spiritual grounding and philosophy is now his guiding compass. And you’ll feel his powerfully-peaceful presence through his calm and centered disposition.


Discussion of my life before my NDE experience, what happened when I died and the aftereffects and integration process.


“Remember To Love…” – An interactive workshop exploring the meaning of the message that Tom was sent back with.

The Cosmic 2×4: A Cautionary Tale

In early 2008, Tom had his second near death experience (NDE) which significantly and forever changed how he saw his own life and the world around him. Have you ever wondered if there’s more to life than just feeling like you’re trudging through it? Have you pondered the deeper meaning of the challenging, or even […]