Understanding the Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Soul

Pre-Conference Morning Workshop with Lee Lawrence

Wednesday, June 7 from 9am – 12:30pm 

(Cost for Morning  or Afternoon Workshop is $45 each or Both for $75)

The human soul, like the human physical body has many systems and organs that interact with each other and their external environment.  However, unlike the physical body that has been examined, dissected, tested and observed for thousands of years resulting in agreement of its anatomy & physiology no matter the religious beliefs one maintains; the human soul has remained intangible and not available for the same scientific tests and observations. Thus people have developed theories and philosophies as to the anatomy & physiology of the human soul.  These theories and philosophies of the soul are the religions of today, speculating on this intangible existence of the human soul and its operational functions.

It’s now time to move to the next level of understanding.

The human soul is a physical object to Lee Lawrence’s perceptions. For over 25 years he has examined and tested the various components of the human soul of thousands of individuals and how these components interact with each other and their external environment. In this presentation, Lee will reveal to the public much information previously unavailable even to the mystics of the many religions relating to the anatomy & physiology of the human soul.

Lee perceives the details of human consciousness as physical. This includes consciousness flow patterns, stored memories of experiences of the individual since conception, past traumas, personality development, thought processing functions including memory storage and retrieval, perceptual programming events………..  He reads the human soul much the way x-rays read the patterns and traumas incurred by the bones.

He will explain and demonstrate the anatomy & physiology of the human soul from a scientific perspective which bridges the gap between science and spirituality/religion.  He explains that spirituality/religion is both logical and scientific and will then demonstrate this with profound examples that leave no doubts, even for the hardened skeptic.  His explanations on how memories and the accompanying emotions are stored, processed and retrieved are revolutionary, yet profoundly simple to understand.  The goal of this presentation is not to sell anyone on a particular spiritual path, but to provide understanding and tools for each individual to use on their own path.

From a medical perspective: 

  • Learn the causes of many medical problems and why they manifest where they do in the body
  • Understand the mind/body connection beyond anything in medical texts or alternative healing texts including the neuroscience supporting many alternative healing modalities
  • Understand how the biological clock unfolds, causing progression of life’s developmental stages, including the aging process
  • Understand how the subconscious mind works, often in opposition to the conscious aware mind to cause auto immune disorders and self-sabotaging behaviors

From a psychological perspective: 

  • Learn exactly how and where memories are stored, retrieved, and processed
  • Understand the consciousness patterns which cause learning disabilities in children and how to resolve them.
  • Understand psychological development on a continuum and how it is the basis for personality and behavioral characteristics in life
  • Understand the rules of relationships (including same sex relationships), the laws of attraction and why we formulate our various complexes
  • Understand the consciousness patterns that generate psychological difficulties such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks, abandonment and attachment issues, trust issues …….. 
  • Observe and understand how depth psychology works

From a religious perspective:

  • Learn why religion(s) teach what they do and the effect of various practices upon the human soul.  This includes prayer, fasting, and forgiveness.
  • Understand the various aspects of faith healing and how it works.
  • Understand many religious worship practices and how they are mis-used to manipulate people into submitting control to a person or organization.
  • Understand the spiritual development cycle of the human soul and why people are attracted toward specific religious groups or beliefs.

Warning: This workshop has been known to create extreme discomfort in atheists who find that the scientific explanations and demonstrations challenge their old beliefs resulting in substantial inner turmoil.  While this is not the intent of the presenter, the side effect has resulted in many atheists disavowing their previous positions.

Relationships, Love and Energy Psychology: Understanding Love Beyond Mars & Venus

Pre-Conference Afternoon Workshop with Lee Lawrence


Wednesday, June 7 from 1:30pm – 5pm 

(Cost for Morning  or Afternoon Workshop is $45 each or Both for $75)

“Why am I in this relationship?”    “What’s missing in my life?”    “Why can’t I find the right relationship?”     If these questions sound hauntingly familiar, that’s because they are valid questions whether you are searching for someone, dating, just married, or celebrating your golden anniversary.

In this special presentation entitled “Relationships, Love, and Energy Psychology”, Lee Lawrence will demonstrate and explain our unconscious motivations and what creates the “chemistry of love.” Every relationship is unique, and understanding this uniqueness is the key to finding love that is fulfilling and lasting. Lee will clearly show—with audience volunteers— how energy psychology techniques can locate the perceptual programming events in our lives that have either shackled us into bad relationships, or motivated us to sabotage good relationships. With such awareness, we can at last truly set ourselves free to enjoy the benefits of healthy love.


Precognitive Dreaming Workshop

Post-Conference with Dale Graff

Sunday, June 11 from 1:30pm – 6pm

(Cost for workshop is $55) 

What is precognitive dreaming?  How can we routinely experience them?  How can precognitive dreaming be evaluated and understood relative to other forms of psi, such as remote viewing, synchronicity, and some types of intuition?   Our natural precognitive dreaming potential may occur spontaneously or can be sought through focused intent and practice.  This workshop is an opportunity for learning how to uncover our latent precognitive dreaming talents and discover how best to use the information they can provide.   Topics include:

·      How to distinguish precognitive dreams from ordinary dreams.

·      Exercises that assist in dream recall and precognitive dream intention setting are practiced.

·      Suggestions for recording and evaluating precognitive dreams.

·      Methods and strategies for experiencing precognitive dreams for ourselves and for others.

·      Guidelines for when to act or respond to information in precognitive dreams and when not to respond.

·      How to experience lucidity in a precognitive dream.

·      Suggestions for practicing recording and evaluating precognitive dreams.

·      Considering precognitive dreaming’s link with intuition and synchronicity.

·      Reviewing possible concepts, including retrocausation and a speculative quantum physics theory for how psi and precognition can occur.

·      Opportunities for discussing precognitive dreams of attendees.

A variety of potential psi or precognitive dream applications are reviewed that include early warning of emerging wellness issues or significant situations that can be avoided.  Some precognitive dreams can provide information to be better prepared or to improve our efficiency for either personal or professional needs.   A precognitive dream exercise for a hidden target picture will be available during the conference nights prior to the Sunday workshop. 

Our Precognition potential is ever ready; only a dream away. 



“Remember To Love...”

Post Conference Workshop with Tom Leach

Sunday, June 11

(Time and cost TBD)

The words that Tom heard while coming back to his body began a journey to understand the meaning of that message. In this interactive workshop we will explore what Tom has learned along the way, along with its practical application and challenges.